Creationism Foisted on Pennsylvania Again: Lessons Not Learned in Dover

Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephen Bloom representing the 199th district wants to relivisit the creationism in science classes debate. He's not likely to get very far.

His arguments are of the sort that have been run through so many times before and hold no rational weight. This should be another example of what I call "disqualifying stupidity". You lose your office if you espouse a "disqualifying stupidity" point of view. In a more perfect world, at least.

I posted this on his FaceBook page:

Nice to see you taking a stand for "fair and balanced" education and trying to put creation stories in the science classroom. I hope you do this properly, and put EQUAL emphasis on ALL the creation stories as "possible scientific fact". The Hindu turtle, Scientology /Xenu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, ALL of the Native American traditions, the Greek and Roman Pantheon, ALL OF THEM. If not, well, then you're just proselytizing for your particular religion, and that wouldn't be fair, and it wouldn't be science, would it?
But it's great, what you're doing. And don't worry about the lawsuits that you definitely will lose. The tax payers of Pennsylvania aren't concerned about the millions it will cost them. They have plenty.
Thanks again to The Friendly Atheist for bringing this to my attention.

Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District already brought great shame and embarrassment to Pennsylvania schools as well as millions of dollars in expenses the district and the state could not afford. Mr. Bloom should surrender his law license and his elected seat for being an absolute bonehead, and for hating the Constitution. Immediately. It should be law.
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